Management – Different methodologies

Do you want to be successful in your business? Are you applying any methodologies in your day to day work?

The tools and techniques we’ve all been using have been only partially successful. Activities or tasks are still experience significant problems like poor quality, large backlogs, missed deadlines and overruns, inadequate management, inaccurate estimating methods, and an unacceptable level of delivered task.

Many IT managers have all but surrendered, but IT companies should instead begin evaluating maturing methodologies and wide related tools; good planning simply makes activities of any kind more productive. Development organizations should embrace and implement integrated methodologies now widely available, but little used or even understood.

There are numerous methodologies on the market as Kanban (a former inventory and control system used by Toyota which creates a wide overview about the input and output of task), Scrum (which is widely used in software development as a strategy framework), ITIL (a set of practices for IT service management with the role of aligning IT services with the needs of businesses), Agile (used in project management for optimization), Six Sigma ( a data-driven approach for eliminating defects or errors in any process).

All the methodologies are just frameworks and can be applied to all domain activities from manufactures to sales. The below table will just highlight some of the key items that we need to accomplish in order to be more successful.